Gifts for the Gun Lover


Want to get something for the person on your list who carries? Want to get something that they’ll actually use this year? You could leave this list in a conveniently conspicuous place if you’re the person that’s “so hard to buy for,” like me. Everything on the list is stuff I love and use already or would love to if I had it. I made sure to include affordable stuff as well. I left out guns themselves because that’s such a personal choice and I’m guessing you already have your EDC if you’re reading this. OK without further ado check out the list!


1. The Jumbo Versipack from Maxpedition

A great alternative to on-body carry. This is a very secure option with the retaining waist strap. It has tons of room and pockets along with a great immediate access compartment for your gun. Available at www.maxpedition.com for $108.99.

image from maxpedition.com

2. AMMO!

I know its predictable but you can’t have too much. I suggest www.sgammo.com The people at SG Ammo have got it goin’ on. The prices, the availability and the selection are the best!


3. the Uplula mag loader
If you don’t have one you need one! It just makes going to the range to train that much more enjoyable. They work fantastic. They’re super durable and now available in six colors including lemon yellow and purple! Get them from maglula.com, and read our recent review from a user who has one and loves it: http://americanconcealed.com/reviews/the-uplula-makes-loading-a-magazine-enjoyable/

UpLULA magazine loader


4. Ballistol
Developed in 1904 for the German army, this eco-friendly gun cleaner has many other uses including for use on wood, leather, and tools. Depending upon the solution you use just mix it with warm water.  I soak the entire pistol except grips in it. I think it’s especially nice for cleaning cosmoline off surplus weapons. Available many places online and retail including Amazon, Brownells, Midway USA and Walmart. Prices vary according to size.

Image from ballistol.com

5 .The AW 6 liter 380 watt ultrasonic cleaner

When I compared this clear to gun-specific cleaners made of plastic with much less capacity, I realized what a great deal this cleaner was. With a heated digital thermostat and timer this is a heck of a bargain. It can easily fit two 1911s or a whole bunch of brass for the reloaders. Ultrasonic cleaners aren’t just for dentures anymore. Available at Amazon.com for $139.98.

Image from Amazon.com

6. Vickers Guide WWII Germany Volume 1

This is the latest of Larry Vickers’s books on weapons. He also has one on the 1911 and two volumes on the AR15. The research and knowledge included in these books is absolutely fantastic but its the insanely high-quality HD pics that make these books unmatched by any weapon guide I’ve ever seen. Most of the guns featured are so rare this is the best look us mere mortals will ever get of them. Available pre-order on his website https://www.vickersguide.com/ for $95.00.

Image from VickersGuide.com

7. The much loved and trusted Hogue Monogrip

In full size or the new Bantam (shown here) in soft overmolded rubber make any carry pistol more comfortable to carry and more controllable to fire. Available at the Hogue website Hogueinc.com for $20.00 to $27.00 depending on the Revolver make. It’s  just as good as the Handall Grip Sleeve for semis from $8.00 to$12.00.

Image from Hogue.com

8. Ears

I’ve bought and used almost every variety of hearing protection offered to shooters, from the disposable squeeze foam plugs to expensive noise cancelling amplified headphones. Believe it or not here’s what I personally like the best. These are the Quiet Band Shooting Earplugs by Howard Leight. Easy to use, inexpensive, and most importantly they do not interfere with my head position against the stock of a rifle like the expensive noise cancelling ones did. These are only $4.99 with free shipping on Amazon if you have Prime. They’re the best!

Image from Amazon.com

There is plenty more I could have listed but there’s only so much you can scroll down through at one time. If you want more ideas tell me in the responses maybe we’ll do a part 2. Happy Holidays!