Gun Holsters for Women

Women have a variety of options for concealed carry. Gun holsters for women can provide not only security, but comfort as well. But you have to pick the right item for your particular needs and body type. The following are just some of the ways women can carry.

Gun Holster Tank Top
This under the shirt option is a preferred one by many women. With a special attachment on a tank top especially designed for concealed carry, women are able to carry their gun wherever they go. Retrieving the gun is as simple as placing a hand on it and removing it with one swift motion.

Leg Strap
With a secure wrap for around the thigh, women are able to carry on the leg. This option is best for when women wear shorts, as they can simply pull the shorts leg up to retrieve the gun.

Concealed Carry Purse
With a hidden compartment on the outside of the purse, women can retrieve their gun easily when needed. They just slide their hand into the compartment and bring it out.

Waist Belt
The belt is placed around the waist. To remove the gun, women simply lift their shirt and pull the gun from the strap. These straps allow women to carry in front or in the back.

Concealment Leggings
Leggings can be a woman’s favorite piece of clothing. They work with t-shirts or sweaters and in summer or winter. With concealment leggings, they can wear them with security. Leggings especially designed for concealed carry allow women to carry in front or back.

Corset Holster
This holster fits along the upper part of the stomach underneath the bosom. The gun fits perfectly inside of the corset for supreme concealment.

Steering Wheel Concealment
Safety in a vehicle is important, especially when driving at night. With a steering wheel column holster, women can access their gun swiftly at a moment’s notice.

Ankle Band
Reaching down to retrieve a gun is easy, and it provides safe concealing of a weapon. An ankle belt allows women to carry down at the ankle comfortably. Read more about ankle carry in our article on how to draw from an ankle holster.

Bra Clip
Many women prefer carrying up high at the chest. With a bra clip, women are able to place their gun on their bra between the breasts. This can be perfect when wearing a loose t-shirt because all women have to do is reach down inside the shirt to retrieve the gun.

Holster Designs for Fashionable Females
Gun holsters for women come in many fashionable designs. Everything from lace to pink camo is available. Ladies who carry not only want to feel protected and beautiful while doing it. Holsters especially designed for today’s females allow them to do this comfortably. The fashion industry is starting to take notice of concealed carry clothing for women that is designed with women’s style and fit in mind.

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