Heavily Armed Churchgoers


The idea of guns in churches came to the public conversation after the shooting incident in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where a gunman opened fire on a congregation. Typically, most people believe that it’s the most Biblical, Christian behavior to leave your guns at home when you enter a church building. But there are some churches out there that are defying that perspective.

A church in Florida has posted a sign that says, “Welcome to The River at Tampa Bay Church — right of admission reserved — this is private property. Please know this is not a gun free zone — we are heavily armed — any attempt will be dealt with deadly force — yes we are a church and will protect our people.” The message is signed “The Pastors.” You can find that sign out front of The River at Tampa Bay Church.

The sign has been up for over a year there, so it’s not just a reaction to the Texas shooting. Associate Pastor Allan Hawes has a nice viewpoint: “Would I rather ruffle a few feathers, or do I want to count bodies?” he questions.

A church in New York has responded to encourage its worshipers to come armed. “We are not a gun-free zone,” reads the latest sign in front of the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God in Oswego County, which is about 30 minutes north of Syracuse, New York. The same pro-gun message is on its website, which also says, “We protect our people.”

“People say ‘well, pastor, you’re talking about killing some,’ and I say ‘well, if I don’t protect my people, I’m being complicit.’ A shooting here, that’s not going to happen.” That’s what Pastor Ronald Russell told the news.

What about your community? Do you take your guns to church? Do you have any churches near you who advertise being gun friendly?

Image shows the sign in front of The River at Tampa Bay Church, from foxnews.com