High Caliber Graphix Adds Color to Your Firearm


While black can be classic, it can also be indistinct from all other black things. That can be the case when you’re in a shooting competition where most people have black guns and black magazines. How do you distinguish between yours and another shooter’s?

Kim Johnson and Jamie Rose of High Caliber Graphix have solved the problem with their vinyl wraps and decals. Kim and her boyfriend, Jamie, were shooting at an IDPA match. They both shoot Glocks, so they noticed they were having to be very careful to tell their magazines apart, it wasn’t something they could quickly glance at and spot the difference. They realized they had the means to solve the problem. “We have the printer that can print and cut, let’s make these wraps ourselves,” explains Kim. “Then we went to a match with our gun wraps and got a lot of positive feedback, people thought they were really cool.”

That was in May of 2016 and the business has been booming ever since. They have even applied for a patent for their products. The wraps are custom to each model of firearm, and are
designed so that they don’t interfere with the functionality and safety of the firearm. “They’re durable so that they will last,” says Kim. Wraps come in multiple colors and designs, or you can create your own design and they will make the wraps for you. They are available for a variety of handguns and magazines. You can even get an uncut wrap to form fit your own gear such as your shotgun extension tube.

Currently, the most popular wraps are for the Taurus G-2 and M&P Shield. The best selling design is the gray and black skull design. “You would think it would be women who want to add design to their guns, but we actually have more men who buy them,” she smiles.

They’re simple to use. Just clean your gun or magazine with something like isopropyl alcohol, then place the wrap lightly in place. Once you have it where you are satisfied with it, then you use a hair dryer to warm the glue and make it stick. A bonus to the wraps over painting your gun is that they are durable but non-permanent. If you decide you want to change your design, you can simply remove it by simply peeling it off and putting on another design.

Simple to apply, simple to remove. You have the freedom to try out different designs or create your own, knowing whatever you put on your guns or magazines is not permanent and simple to change it up. They sell the wraps–as well as chamber flags, t-shirts, and decals–on their website, 5150Vegas.com, on Etsy, and at events or shows. From prices of $3.99 on up to $29.99 you can afford to change your mind and your colors as many times as you want.

All photos courtesy of High Caliber Graphix.