How Much Does It Cost to Carry Concealed?


Carrying a concealed firearm is a big step for many of us. While some of us were raised with guns in the house, others are first-time shooters making the decision to protect themselves and their families. To be sure, carrying concealed is also a substantial financial investment. A good gun is several hundred dollars and the cost of ammunition is ongoing the more you practice. If you are working toward the goal of carrying concealed, I’ve provided a list of what you’ll need to get started and broken down the cost using average pricing, though there are deals to be had.

A practical, proven handgun (Taurus PT111, for example) — $380
400 Rounds of Practice Ammunition — $120
50 Rounds Self Defense Ammunition — $30
Back-up Magazines — $25 each
Quality Holster — $35
Storage Safe — $60
Range Bag — $50
Eye Protection — $15
Ear Protection — $25
Cleaning Kit — $15
Initial Training Course — $100

That’s $855 right there. Add to that the cost of your permit and time at range for regular practice. The cost of a CCW permit varies by state, from $10 to $200. Range time averages $15 per hour and ideally you should visit once per month, to gain muscle memory, accuracy and keep up your chops.

Ongoing training is also important. A professional can help fine tune your technique and teach you advanced methods of shooting, as well as tactical strategy.

Another great way to make sure you don’t procrastinate with your practice is by joining a gun club. Some charge a nominal fee, but others operate free of charge. You’ll find yourself already committed to the gun club’s range date and you won’t want to miss out on the social aspect. Additionally, some ranges offer discounts to gun clubs and gun club members.

So while owning a gun is an important step to take, it is not cheap. Hopefully this list helps answer some questions about much it costs to carry concealed.