5 Ways to Choose the Right Handgun for Concealed Carry

When selecting the handgun you will carry, make sure you choose the one that’s right for you.

1. Choose For Yourself, Not For Others

While it’s helpful to get opinions from others, each person is unique. Your size, strength, experience and confidence with firearms should be considered when choosing the weapon that makes you feel protected.

2. Know Where You’re Going

If you plan to carry daily, it is especially important to select a handgun that is not too heavy and can be effectively concealed by your everyday wardrobe or accessories.

3. Size Matters

Because this will be a weapon you will carry concealed, you will have to strike a balance of finding a weapon with a size and weight that is not overly burdensome to carry with you but will also make you feel confident that you will have the power necessary to protect yourself in a dangerous situation.

Although smaller, lighter guns may be easier to carry, the smaller size usually means it will have a smaller caliber or stronger recoil. Smaller handguns typically have less stopping power. Larger firearms may have more stopping power, but they can be burdensome to carry all day. More powerful guns also tend to have stronger recoil, which makes the weapon more difficult to handle.


4. Choose Based on Your Level of Experience

Experienced gun owners may be able to handle a large caliber weapon, while those who are just starting out may want to select a firearm with manageable recoil. Don’t worry too much about the caliber of the weapon you’re carrying. The important thing is that you are able to shoot the weapon accurately and efficiently.

5. Always Try Before You Buy

If possible, test the firearm before you buy it to make sure it’s comfortable for you to handle. Consider the size of the grip and the shape of the firearm. Take the gun to a shooting range to make sure it won’t slip when you fire it. The way the firearm feels in your hand is important.

If your firearm feels right, you will enjoy taking it to the range to work on your skills. If you don’t like the way a gun feels, you are more likely to leave it at home.

Selecting a CCW is an important decision that shouldn’t be rushed, if possible. Take the time to research and try out different firearms. Some ranges let you rent different firearms, allowing you to get a feel for the gun that best meets your needs.


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