How to Draw from an Ankle Holster


For a variety of reasons, many concealed carry permit holders choose to carry an ankle gun. The ankle may be the only reliably concealable place on the body to store the weapon. An ankle gun also makes an excellent backup gun. Although having a backup gun is a smart idea, it is important to practice drawing the weapon from a variety of positions. Repeated practice of drawing, aiming and firing your weapon will help you establish muscle memory – which could save your life if you’re faced with a threat.

An ankle gun is also very useful if you have to pull your firearm when you’re in a seated position. With practice, you can be quite discreet when drawing from an ankle holster.

There are different lines of thought about the best way to draw a gun from an ankle holster while standing. Some recommend lifting the leg with the holster to bring the firearm to the hand. However, this technique puts you at risk of being knocked off balance.

Practice the following technique when you’re learning how to draw your pistol from an ankle holster (Note: this technique assumes you’re carrying the gun on the inside of your weak leg):

  1. Use your non-dominant hand to grab the pants leg above the knee, exposing the gun and holster
  2. Step back with your strong leg to widen your stance
  3. Bend at the waist while keeping your eyes glued on the threat
  4. Use your dominant hand to firmly grasp the gun and break the retention strap if necessary
  5. Draw the firearm and take aim at the intended target
  6. Bring your non-dominant hand to the firearm and establish a secure two-handed grip

Depending on the situation, you may need to fire the gun with one hand or while in a crouch. If the situation allows, you can resume your normal shooting stance.

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