Improve Your Skill with a Variety of Targets

If you’re a regular at the range, you probably get pretty tired of the silhouette and bullseye targets. There are lots of different types of targets on the market that you can use to keep your practice fresh and fun.

Plus, using different targets for practice will help you improve your skills. The following targets are popular options for gun owners.

1. Paper Targets. Most ranges allow customers to bring their own paper targets to hang on the clips. There are plenty of paper targets on the market that direct you to practice your aim in different ways.

These days, it seems like the options are limited only by the imagination. Now, you can shoot at animals, photos of bad guys, and even zombies. Paper targets are cheap and easy to carry in your range bag.

2 . Clay Targets. Many gun owners find clay shooting to be very satisfying. Clay targets tend to be pretty cheap and easily available. Clay targets can be launched into the air as aerial targets or, if you don’t have a launcher, they can be used as static targets.

3 . Spinner Targets. Spinner targets are also a lot of fun to shoot. Metal spinner targets provide visual and audio feedback that let you know when you hit the mark.

After the hit sends it spinning, it will settle back into place so you can get ready to shoot without having to re-set the target.

4 . Steel Targets. There are a wide variety of steel targets. Many gun enthusiasts love shooting at steel targets for the satisfying clanging sound they make when struck.

Steel targets must be used far enough down range to prevent bullet fragments from reaching the shooter. It is also important to only use the caliber that is recommended for the steel target.

When you’re engaged in target practice, safety should always be your number one concern. Check out our online store for our handgun safety training DVD, which is an inexpensive and convenient way to learn the fundamentals of gun safety. It provides valuable information to beginners and handgun veterans alike.

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