Is a Small Handgun a Good Choice for a Daily CCW?


More and more concealed carry permit holders are embracing the trend of carrying smaller weapons.

Need evidence? According to data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the firearms manufacturing industry produced more than 900,000 .380 semiautomatic handguns in 2014.

Is the increased popularity of smaller guns just a fad, or are these weapons filling a needed niche in the gun market? Before you jump on the small handgun trend, make sure you are aware of the benefits and limitations of carrying a smaller weapon.


1 – Concealability. There’s no doubt that the smaller weapons are easier to conceal. The smaller profile is ideal for pocket carry and reduces the risk that it will be seen by others.

2 – Comfort. When you select your CCW, comfort is an important consideration. Many people find it uncomfortable to carry a heavy weapon on a daily basis. Carrying a smaller handgun is a better alternative than leaving your gun at home.

3 – Practicality. For many people, it is just more practical for them to carry a smaller firearm on a daily basis. The .380 semiautomatic handgun can fit easily into a handbag, pocket or ankle holster.


The most significant limitation with a smaller handgun is control. The grip of a .380 semiautomatic pistol is too small to fit the hands of most people. Without a good grip, the gun will tend to twist in the hand, giving the shooter less control as it recoils.

As with any CCW, it is important that you train extensively with your firearm so that you will be prepared to use it safely and effectively in a self-defense situation.

Ultimately, the choice you make for your daily CCW depends on your experience and comfort level. For more training tips and tactical strategy, sign up for our email newsletter below to get product reviews, training tips and other information about concealed carry laws.

Photo credit: ArtBrom via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA