L.A. City Council Moving Quickly to Require Guns at Home to be Locked Up


The City Council of Los Angeles has been increasing restrictions for gun owners recently, and show no sign of slowing down. The new proposals and restrictions could mean a larger trend across the country is gaining momentum.

Gun control groups and local lawmakers are increasingly looking to enact changes at the local level, since the larger-scale federal level changes are not happening as quickly as they’d like. This should be motivation for the concealed carry community to stay informed of proposed local ordinances and voice their opinions on the issues.

If the measure is approved, gun owners that do not secure firearms at home with an approved locked container, gun lock, or trigger guard could face fines and possible jail time. Backers of the measure say it will prevent accidental handling of firearms by children and teens.

Those who spoke out against the restriction say that these devices only slow down reaction time, limiting their ability to adequately protect themselves in the event their life is in danger. They feel that properly educating children and adults on how to react when they encounter a firearm can make a significant difference.

It appears that no one would be exempt from the proposed measure, even retired law enforcement or individuals with no children living in the home. Law enforcement would not actively check for proper secured storage, but if they see noncompliance when inside a home the owner could face penalties.

This follows close behind another recent Los Angeles ordinance prohibiting magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

As the City Council will review the proposed measure in the coming weeks expect a heated argument over allowing owners to have a gun unsecured while under the owner’s control. Also expect similar proposals at the local level elsewhere.