Mother’s Day Gifts? Concealed Carry Permit or Shooting Range Membership

Mother’s Day is coming up and we all know that even if Mom says she doesn’t need or want anything, you better get her something anyway! Flowers or chocolate is fine….mothers appreciate things like that, to be sure. But why not get her something useful and shows that you care about her constitutional rights?

Safety and confidence with carrying a gun is the gift that keeps on giving. American Concealed readers know that we provide the training to satisfy the requirements to get licensed to carry in Iowa and Virginia. There are, I’m sure, places in your state or where your mother lives where she can take a concealed carry certification course. If she already has a concealed carry permit, why not get her a certificate for some range time? If nothing else, get her a gift certificate to your local gun store where she can get some ammunition or some gloves or some other kind of gear.

Maybe your mother (or your wife!) has never touched a gun before. If that’s the case, a concealed carry class will teach them what they need to know to get started. Then, maybe they would be more interested in joining you at the range. That could lead to an improved relationship with your mother or significant other, as you have one more way that you can spend time together.

Concealed carry classes cover rules for safe gun handling, loading and unloading revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, shooting fundamentals and safety! After looking around online, we found that a few gun ranges are offering Mother’s Day concealed carry classes.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but AmericanConcealed.com does have gifts for gun-loving women, including bullet casing earrings in three styles, pendant necklaces made from bullet cases, keychains and t-shirts. Check out all of our gear.