New Features and Old Favorites at SHOT Show


SHOT Show can be overwhelming to try to see everything, so you really have to narrow it down
to a few choices. This year we wanted to look at some new options for concealed carry, but also
wanted to keep an eye on the classics.

Springfield 1911 SHOT Show 2018

The Springfield Armory 911 is an interesting addition to the .380 options. Those who like the
1911 style of handgun, will find the 911 more easily concealable for us smaller women than a
full-size 1911, but it has that familiar look and feel. It’s 5 1/2 inches long and 4 inches high, and
weighs a light 12.6 ounces. An ambidextrous safety and loaded chamber indicator, along with
tritium sights, work great together for safety. It comes in four options: black, black with green
Viridian laser, stainless, and stainless with green Viridian laser. Magazines come in the flush six-
round or extended seven-round capacities.

Glock X19 SHOT Show 2018

Moving up to the 9mm category, the Glock 19x is an interesting exercise in combing the best of
two worlds – the smaller size of the Glock 19 slide placed on top of the full size frame of the
Glock 17. It’s 7.44 inches long and 5.47 inches high, and the weight clocks in at a hefty 24.83
ounces. It comes with two 17-round magazines and boasts the first ever colored slide direct
from the Glock factory. The pistol, magazines, extra grips, and box are all matched, looking
classy in the new “Coyote” light brown color.

Sig P365 SHOT Show 2018

Another 9 mm, the Sig P365 is a micro-compact that holds an impressive number of rounds.
Both the flush and extended magazines hold 10 rounds and with one in the chamber you’ll have
11 rounds should the need arise. It’s 5.8 inches long and 4.3 inches high, weighing just 17.8
ounces. The SIGLITE night sights are a great additional feature.

Ruger Super Red Hawk SHOT Show 2018

But we never want to forget that revolvers are still around and manufacturers are still coming up
with great ideas for them. This year Ruger released a Super Redhawk 10 mm revolver. While
definitely not a concealed carry gun, it has it’s own place in your collection. Recoil is reduced
through the use of an internal recoil cushion and a cushioned grip. It comes with three full moon
clips, and scope rings that can be placed on the solid steel rib. At 12 inches long and 54
ounces, the beauty and craftsmanship of this classy-looking revolver would be tons of fun to
shoot as well as to show off to your friends.

These four guns were just a few of the offerings shown off at SHOT Show, which never

All photos by David Keaton