New Modular Wall System is a Gun Storage Dream

Some new products were released at the recent NRA conference in Atlanta. One of the products we got excited about is the new Mod Wall system from TacticalWalls. Gun safes are cool, but they’re not the best for display, or if you have a lot of guns. Even if you keep your gun safe organized the guns can still end up on top of each other.

We love this new MOD Wall system because it is modern looking, and clean lined. The attachments that attach the guns to the wall make it look like the guns are just floating there. Once the guns are attached to the wall they are easy to visually see and sort, and even easier to access and pull off the wall. Because it’s modular, you can organize it however you want, and add on to it as your gun collection grows.

Specific attachments look like magazines, which allow you to slide the mag well on to the attachment. TacticalWalls offers standard AR-10, AR-15, and large caliber pistol magazine attachments available in left or right pointing arrangement. If you prefer, you can choose the attachment which uses magnets to secure firearms to the front of the attachment. The system includes wall panels that are 22 inches by 48 inches and systems that allow you to hook on different things in addition to guns.

For instance, the Patriot Package ($225) includes two wall panels, Hide-A-Magnet attachments,  2 large caliber pistol hangers (left or right) and 2 of your choice of AR-10, AR-15, or AK hangers. The Operator Package ($299) has all of those things in addition to a helmet hanger, a vest hanger, a large shelf, and 2 flashlight holders. You can buy separate pieces of the system individually as well, so you can build your own wall.

I don’t live in a place where I can dedicate a whole room to our gun storage, but I hope some day to be able to have a whole room in my house outfitted with a wall system like this so I can just walk in to my own armory. Wouldn’t that be cool?!