Tennessee “Bridezilla” Arrested After Threatening New Husband

What’s going on in Tennessee? Maybe the summer heat is getting to people. Yesterday we posted about a hotel confrontation in which a gun owner (concealed carry permit holder) was attacked by a man with a fork.

Now there’s been a bride in Tennessee who was arrested for pulling a gun on her new husband just hours after their wedding ceremony.

That gives new meaning to the term shotgun wedding doesn’t it!

Bride Kate Elizabeth Prichard, 25, and her new husband, were drinking outside a Clarion Inn in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, shortly after their wedding ceremony ended. Drinking. Hmmm. I wonder if that fact clouded her judgement at all?

Anyway, she was still wearing her wedding dress when she pulled the gun out from the lacy folds and fired a shot in the air. She also pointed the unloaded gun at her hubby. “Responding officers let the husband know the honeymoon was over and his new wife was going to jail,” said  Sgt. Kyle Evans with the Murfreesboro Police Department.

According to a witness, both the man and woman were uncooperative when police arrived. The witness said the man and woman were arguing, and that she pulled the 9mm out of her wedding dress and pointed it at her new husband’s head and pulled the trigger. She then loaded a round in the chamber and fired a shot in the air.

After firing the shot, she went to the bathroom and hid the weapon in the bathroom. Police later recovered it and a shell casing.

Prichard was charged with aggravated domestic assault and posted a $15,000 bond. If I was that guy, I’d get my marriage annulled and run as far away as I could from that crazy __.

Image from newschannel5.com


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