Trawl River, Find Gun Cache

This doesn’t happen very often. In England, a father and his teenage son were trawling a Somerset riverbed with a powerful magnet looking for metal. What they found was a collection of 12 guns including an 1800s musket and a US Civil War revolver. Two World War I and II guns, two “Widow Maker” M16 assault rifles (which were popular during the Irish-English conflict know as “The Troubles”) and an AK-47 along with .22 revolvers were found.

The 13-year-old boy named Billy Hopkins and his father, Neil, pulled out the guns and 25 other gun parts from the river. Billy reportedly said that he was in such shock when they first realized what they’d found that he nearly fell into the river. Father Neil says he believes their haul is due to Irish Republicans casting their weapons into the river when they were supposed to declare arms in 2001.

The area’s police force took the weapons and dredged the river a second time. the authorities have said that the arms come from a nearby munitions factory which operated during World War II. Apparently, a similar cache was found in the area in 2015.

Image credit: swns.com


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