No Bond to Man Who Shot Himself in the Penis While Robbing a Hot Dog Stand

This guy . . . .well, there are some lessons to be learned from this guy’s strange shooting accident in Chicago this month.

19-year-old Terrion Pouncy of Chicago was robbing a hot dog stand (lesson 1 – don’t commit robbery) and chose the moment when one of the workers was passing over a bucket of grease from the counter (lesson 2 – don’t time your robbery with the time the employees are cleaning the grease traps).

As the two works handed over their wallets and a stack of singles (singles!), the bucket of grease tipped over. Pouncy started grabbing for the cash as he ran out and apparently adjusted the gun in his waistband when the gun went off, striking himself in the penis. (Lesson 3 – a loaded gun in a robbery is way worse than just menacing with an unloaded gun. And this is conjecture, but maybe lesson 4 is that the guy needed a better holster and a pair of pants with belt.)

He was found slumped over on a nearby step, unable to run very far due to the self-inflected wound. Furthermore, the surveillance video showed the pattern on his underwear, which clearly matched the underwear he was wearing when he was found. No word on how serious the gunshot wound was.


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