Ohio Bill to Expand Concealed Carry Laws Gets Approval

The Ohio House voted yesterday to expand the current laws for concealed carry. If the proposed bill is signed into law, it would allow guns at day cares and college campuses.

Guns could also be permitted in certain public areas of police stations and airports.

Under the proposed bill, private businesses would still retain the right to prohibit guns on their property. Guns would also remain prohibited in government buildings.

Supporters of the bill say that this will finally stop legally permitted gun owners from unintentionally breaking the law in these settings.

There are many gray areas where a person could be unknowingly carrying concealed on property that doesn’t permit it. If, for example, someone is walking down the sidewalk and is actually on the edge of a college campus, an area that features no signs or changes in scenery, they’d be unknowingly breaking the law.

This proposed bill aims to clear up unfortunate situations like these. Supporters also say that the expansion helps to keep these areas more safe from opportunistic criminals.

There was plenty of opposition to the bill, but not enough to stop it’s passing on to the Senate.

They claim that areas like police stations and airport baggage claim are stressful and are no place for untrained gun carriers. They feel that these areas are already being protected by security professionals trained in firearm safety.

Moving forward, the Ohio Senate must review and approve the expansions of the Bill before Ohioans can legally change their ways. It goes without saying that carrying in new places requires more practice and being appropriately informed.

If you’re carrying concealed, talk with a competent attorney about where you’re permitted to carry a firearm. Know that using a gun in a public place for self-defense requires accuracy and discipline.

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