Ohio State University Students March for Concealed Carry Following Knife Attack

The Ohio State University campus was recently the site of a knife attack. The student responsible for the attack on November 28, which injured 11 people, is believed to have been inspired by the Islamic group ISIS. The man drove through a crowd, striking people with his vehicle and then slashing at them with his knife.

People who oppose gun rights often say that if there were no guns that there would be no mass attacks like this. Well, we know that’s not true. The students know it too.

A group of students who support the right to carry a concealed weapon on campus marched across the OSU campus on Monday, December 5, with guns in plain view.

The walk was organized by Jeffry Smith, a firearms instructor in Cincinnati. According to Smith, “The purpose of these walks, in general, is to advocate for conceal and carry … legal conceal carrying in Ohio,” he said. “Secondarily, to engage in dialogue with people about firearms rights and privileges.”

Smith called his action “No More Sittings Ducks.” He and other students involved in the march showed support for Ohio House Bill 48, which would allow for concealed carry on campus. According to the report by The Lantern, which is the student newspaper at Ohio State, the protestors tried to engage with passersby, asking them if they had questions about gun laws or why the protesters were there. Some of the students showed support while others, including one woman who stood nearby with a sign reading, “This makes me feel unsafe,” did not appreciate the gesture.

Image courtesy of NBC 4 News

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