Optx Hydrotac 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals – An Inexpensive Solution for Shooters

Recently I underwent eye surgery. I had cataracts removed and lenses inserted to fix my astigmatism. I lost my close-up vision (what there was of it) so now I use reading glasses. And I had a new issue – how do I see the sights now when I’m shooting?

I researched bifocal safety glasses for shooting. Do I use top focal? Bottom focal? How do I know which would be best? I didn’t want to spend a lot of money trying to figure out what would work for me, so I was nervous about ordering anything. Then I asked some Facebook groups for opinions and that’s when someone recommended the Optx Hydrotac 20/20 Stick-On Bifocals. I checked into them and read where they could easily be put on a pair of glasses, and easily removed if you needed to move them around or didn’t like them.

I was skeptical. If they stick on, they must leave a residue when you remove them, right? But they don’t use an adhesive, they simply stick on by suction. One tiny drop of water holds them on the lens. No sticky residue at all. I couldn’t find any locally so I ordered them from Amazon and in typical fashion they arrived in two days. I opened the package, glanced at the short directions, added a drop of water and put them on some safety shooting glasses I had bought years ago.

And they worked! Quite well, and so easy. I could simply peel them right back off and move them around until I got them to where they felt comfortable to me. I could even just put one on to force my non-dominant eye to work better.

They really are that easy, and for only $14.99 they are affordable enough to take a chance and try them out on any pair of shooting glasses.