Why Gun Owners Are Happy About President Trump

Many Americans had, and have, high hopes that a President Donald J. Trump would mean more freedom for gun owners. Given his campaign promises and majority Senate, things are looking very bright indeed. This article explains some of the reasons why gun owners are happy about President Trump.

During his campaign, Donald Trump pledged to enact a version of a national concealed carry reciprocity law. (Read our article about the various “National Right to Carry Reciprocity Legislation” that Senators and Representatives have introduced.) This would allow Americans to carry concealed, legally, across state borders—something that gun owners have been wanting for decades. While the market for concealed carry guns and accessories like holsters has exploded in recent years, implementation of a national reciprocity law will fuel growth even more—good for the economy.

The Hearing Protection Act will more than likely pass now that Trump is president. (Read our article, “The Debate Over Silencers Grows Louder”.)The Hearing Protection Act will remove the $200 federal tax on silencers and effectively eliminate a nine-month waiting period. Sales of silencers are expected to boom.

Gun growth industries will likely expand. This includes concealed carry license classes, advanced training courses, and time and money spent at ranges. As women and men buy new firearms, silencers and accessories, they will be learning how to use them. So, the “gun services industry,” if you will, should benefit tremendously.

A Trump presidency almost certainly means the Supreme Court will maintain a conservative majority once late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat is filled, thus preserving the Second Amendment. The President has nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court bench. Gorsuch is a 49-year-old federal appellate judge from Colorado who (if his nomination is accepted) is expected to lead the conservative direction of the court for decades. Gorsuch has stated in the past that he believes “the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own firearms and may not be infringed lightly.”

We could see a revisit of The Collectible Firearms Protection Act, with a good chance of it passing. Hundreds of thousands of firearms from WWII and the Korean War are stored overseas and prevented from importation to the United States. Included among these are M1 Garand rifles, M1 carbines and M1911 pistols. A market already exists for these guns.

In addition to seeing more gun freedom, the economy, due to the growing gun sector, could see a nice boost in certain areas of the market.