Quick Draw Shooting Training

Always remember this principle: “Smooth is fast, slow is smooth, therefore, slow is fast.”

When you first read this, it might not make much sense, but if you ponder for just a moment, you’ll start to understand what is meant by it exactly. It’s a very simple statement. It’s basically saying, the faster you try to draw, the slower you will draw. However, the slower you draw, the faster you’ll draw.

This is because when you try to go too fast when drawing, you’re more likely to mess up, and that will slow you down. However, if you just take it a bit slower, you will draw much quicker because you’re smoother with it.

Doesn’t that principle make a lot of sense now?

The trick is not just understanding the principle. You must learn how to draw smoothly and slowly first. As you do it more and more, you will become quicker with it. You may never be fast at drawing, but you’ll be smooth and quick with it. In quick draw shooting training, you will focus on movements. When these specific movements are done correctly, you will reduce the risk of making a mistake that will slow you down. In other words, you’re less likely to fumble as you reach and draw your gun.

You want to be slow and methodical when you draw a handgun. When you know which movements cut down on the wasted time, you will be able to get to your gun and pull it out much faster. As you practice these movements over and over again, you will become quicker with it. While you are in quick draw shooting training, know that you will make mistakes as you learn the technique. Do not let that discourage you. Learn the movements first and practice them slowly and swiftly. As you do it more you will soon find that you can perform those movements quicker. It will feel automatic after a while, as much as it may not seem that way when you start.

The benefit of learning and implementing this principle is that you’ll be more able to save your life or someone else’s life. Seconds count in defense, so this skill will teach you how to act quickly in crises each and every time. Research quick draw shooting trainings in your local area. Having someone teach you the movements now will help you become a better shooter later when you need to act quickly.

How you draw has a big impact on your accuracy. You can improve both the smoothness and quickness of your draw and your accuracy by practicing. Think about the gunslingers of the old West days. Do you think the “quickest draw” got to be the fastest by not practicing?

American Concealed has a new Shooting For Accuracy video training course. It’s brand new, and available now for an introductory sale price. We think that you’re going to like practicing your accuracy while watching a video because you can see and hear an instructor explain the reasoning behind the stance and exercises. In our video, you can see the instructor’s whole body so you can see what he’s doing, and rewatch it as many times as you want. Check it out! We challenge you to try it out and then tell us how your draw and shooting accuracy improved.