Recycled Gun Metal Earbuds?

Would you be interested in buying earbuds and a charging/carrying case made from recycled guns? A Swedish company is hoping you will.

The company, called Yevo, is building headphones and an industrially heavy metal carrying case that also doubles as a charger from recycled guns.

They look cool and sound like they would be a solid, good performing product. BUT…they are expensive. The wireless earbuds are $250. the earbuds with the case are $500.

For some people, it will be worth it to say that they have a product made from guns. It is pretty cool. I just wish the company would make their products out of guns without being so political. In this article the founder and president said, “”In a way, this is the most valuable material in the world,” said Andreas Vural, Yevo’s founder and president. “It’s a firearm that may have taken someone’s life.” The guns are being recycled from a Swedish company called Humanium, which is taking a stand against gun violence.

So what do you think? Are these cool enough to overlook the price tag and the politics?