Review: Gungenics 4-Piece Hand Gun Cleaning Kit

Some people hate cleaning guns. For those people, cleaning guns is just tedious, necessary maintenance. They don’t really enjoy doing it, but they know they have to do it to ensure reliability, proper function, and safe operation of their financial investment.

I am NOT one of those people! I love my guns. Some of my guns are brand new. Some are old. Some look like they have been through a war, because they literally have. I love those the most. I wish they could tell me the things they’ve seen and what they’ve been through. When I neglect them and put them in the safe without cleaning them I feel like the jerk who leaves his dog in a locked car in 100+ degree weather.
To me, there’s something magical about the smell of Ballistol and feeling like a genius when I’m able to put my guns back together again with the help of YouTube and that really patient guy from Brownells.

So long story long . . . I was very happy to try the new gun cleaning system from Gungenics and write review about it. New technology for cleaning guns doesn’t come around much despite the fact that gun technology as far as form and function is advancing constantly. The first thing that grabbed me was the way they color coded the accessories by caliber. Great idea! They can do this because the bore brush, eyelet and jag are made of glass-reinforced nylon. Nothing touches your gun that can harm it.

The rotating T-handle and rod are the same glass-nylon material. All accessories have a lifetime warranty. But the true innovation is the quick-release snap-on feature all the attachments use. There’s a flush mount release on the rod so they pop right on and off with no threads. The system is super quick and easy to use even when you have cleaner all over it and your hands.

The bore brushes are very high quality. I cleaned my Makarov, PPK, and Cz75d compact. I was not gentle. I figured I wouldn’t be easy on the system just because it was given to me. I wanted to really use the way I would normally. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did it not scratch my guns up at all, it didn’t even scratch the nylon parts or misshape the brush bristles.

I will be glad to add the Gungenics cleaning kit to the tool arsenal. The price is $24.95 for the kit that handles .380, .9mm, .357 and .38. It costs $8.95 for the 2-piece additional caliber kits. To me, that’s well worth it to know your babies–uh, I mean guns–go to bed clean and ready to rock when it’s go time.