Review: N82 Tactical Holster for Walther PPK

I’m never quick to accept change or in generally modernize if I don’t have to. I’m happy with what I have and am not looking around for new things most of the time. In fact, I never even thought about trying a new modern type of in-the-waistband holsters. I’ve carried my model 36 and PPK in the same kind of rig that people used for nearly as long as those pistols have been around. I have always carried the Smith & Wesson in a Bianchi 6 and the PPK gets a no-longer-made 1970s Bianchi formed leather in-the-waistband sleeve.

But the nice people at N82 Tactical were completely accommodating with my request for a modern holster for my 1930s gun. I figured it was also timely to try something new as it gets into summer. You know, thinner gun for thinner summer clothes.

The first thing I noticed in the Original Tuckable Compact Slim holster is the quality. The materials are seriously top notch. The belt clip is really nice spring steel, very strong. All the stitching is double or triple threaded. The suede on the back of it is super soft for comfort and the elastic holding the gun is extra thick and strong. The whole thing seems overbuilt, which is exactly what you want in something you’re going to use everyday.

But the real selling point for me is the comfort. I had always heard that carrying a gun isn’t comfortable, it’s comforting. Well, I don’t think that has to be the case anymore. This holster literally is so comfortable I found myself checking to see if it was there. No part of the gun ever contacts your body. It’s just the cool, soft suede that is next to the skin. It holds a close profile so no printing either. I must say I’m a believer now.

The crew at N82 got this right. I’ll never give up my old pistols and revolvers, but the ability to carry them in a better way made me quite happy. At $59.95 I consider this holster a bargain. PS- They also have holsters for most all other modern guns too. I’m sure they work just as good.