Review: The Sticky Holster – For Those Who Don’t Wear a Belt

The Sticky Holster isn’t what some would consider the “ideal” holster, because it doesn’t attach securely to a belt. But that is exactly why it works well for those of us who don’t often wear a belt.

The Sticky Holster comes in a variety of sizes for a variety of handguns. You just put it inside your waistband of your pants, no belt needed. That works great for many women who don’t typically have a belt on our dress slacks. The rubbery outside material of the holster, along with the tension of your waistband, keep it held in place.

That being said, if you’re a person who likes to wear pretty loose pants, the sticky holster may not work in that way for you. However, if you use a smaller handgun with the smaller sticky holster, it can work quite well inside your pocket, or slipped into a purse compartment that doesn’t have anything else in it.

It holds well enough in place that you can easily draw your handgun and the holster actually stays in your pants. You would simply pull the holster out to re-holster the handgun. It’s a lightweight holster that is a great option in warmer weather when you don’t want to wear another type of non-belt holster such as a belly-band type. It’s also handy if you know you’ll need to remove your handgun several times that day–say you’re going into a courthouse, post office, bank, etc. You can just remove it, holster and all, and lock it in your car safe (here’s a car safe we recommend).

I lost my first Sticky Holster a few months ago. I have several other holsters so I didn’t think it would be a big deal. But I found I really missed it, that I had actually used it quite often. So I bought another one. The Sticky Holster is an important component in my collection of holsters for my variety of clothing and situations. The website makes it simple to select the right size of Sticky Holster for your handgun. All sizes are priced at $29.95.


Photos by David Keaton