Shooting Accuracy Drills

With handguns being the most challenging firearm to master, it takes time to learn how to shoot with accuracy. It is an important skill to master, however. Shooting accuracy drills are highly effective. They can greatly improve handling, follow through, and targeting.

Improving Trigger Control with Shooting Accuracy Drills
Trigger control is something you’ll likely hear many people discuss when they are trying to improve their skills with a handgun. Luckily, with just a few exercises, trigger control can be achieved.

This drill requires help from a partner and an unloaded weapon with the magazine removed. Put your pistol into action and then have your partner place a piece of brass on the front sight. You should then press the trigger slowly and smoothly. The key is to push the trigger in without having the brass piece fall off of it. If you jerk the gun, the brass will fall off, and this mean you do not have trigger control. Continue to practice this drill until you can pull the trigger without the brass piece falling off of the gun.

To help with trigger pressing, empty the weapon. Place your support hand on the side of the gun, as the tension pushes forward, relax your trigger finger. Let the trigger move forward and then press it again. The more you do this, the better of a feel you will have for the trigger. This will help improve the accuracy as you get ready to shoot a target.

Boosting Follow Through Accuracy

Following through with accuracy is where many people falter. The biggest problem people have is with flinching when they shoot. To cut down on this, the ball and dummy drill may work. With a partner, get the weapon in ready mode. The shooter turns away from the partner. The partner has the gun, and then gives the gun to the shooter. The partner guides the shooter around and the shooter shoots. The idea is to pay attention to the muzzle. If the muzzle dips, it’s because the shooter is anticipating the jerk. Continue to do this drill until the muzzle doesn’t dip. Once that is achieved, try doing it with a loaded weapon to see how much accuracy has improved.

Another drill for follow through accuracy is the single shot drill. All you have to do is load a round into the handgun, remove the magazine, point, and fire at the target. As you do this, pay attention to any dipping. If there is, correct the dipping, and shoot again. With enough of these drills, accuracy should quickly improve. Accuracy can be aggravating to achieve, but it is possible. Try these shooting accuracy drills as you’re practicing to see if they can help you improve your accuracy.

Try a Shooting Accuracy Target

American Concealed also offers a shot correcting target that you can take to the range with you. The paper target has zones surrounding the center target that help explain what is happening to your shot if you land in one of the zones outside of the target. For instance, if you’re using your index finger too much that can pull your aim to the left. Check it out, it’s on our shop, and practice these drills for your best accuracy ever.

Study Accuracy Drills and Stances Online or In the Comfort of Your Home.

American Concealed has a new Shooting For Accuracy video training course. It’s brand new, and available now for an introductory sale price. Watching a video is a superior way to boost accuracy. Why? Because you can watch a certified instructor show and explain the movements as many times as you want. There’s no anxiety about being the one in class to ask too many questions. Watch the video as many times as you want, at home or online, and then go to the range and make the most of your practice.

Available as an electronic version or with a book and DVD, American Concealed’s Shooting for Accuracy walks through, in easy to understand language, dry firing practices and breathing and stance to train your eyes, body and trigger finger to pull the trigger smoothly, without moving the sights off target. Give your body the muscle memory to achieve high accuracy with a video that you can watch any time you want.