Should You be Carrying a Back Up Gun?


Is it necessary to have a backup gun (BUG)? Some think it’s unnecessary, but there are certain circumstances that would make it worthwhile to have one.

You can’t predict the future, but you can decide what makes you feel the safest. Many people feel that it is best to have one trusted CCW that they train with and are confident using. Others worry about worst-case scenarios and want to have a backup weapon just in case they are unable to use their primary weapon for some reason.

1 – Gun Malfunction

If your gun malfunctions when you’re facing a threat, your attacker is not likely to give you time to reload. Under these circumstances, having a backup CCW could save your life.

2 – Primary Weapon is Unavailable

In an altercation, there are many reasons why your primary CCW could be unavailable. It may have been knocked out of your reach or an injury may prevent you from accessing it. If you have the ability to draw a BUG when your attacker thinks you’re defenseless, you will be well-suited to defend your life.

3 – You Run Out of Ammunition

If you’re involved in a gunfight, running out of ammunition means certain death. Even if you have backup ammunition, it takes time to reload your CCW. In these circumstances, your BUG may save you. Instead of being vulnerable while reloading your weapon, you can draw your backup weapon and fend off your attacker.

Train Appropriately

If you make the decision to carry a BUG, you have to make the commitment to train appropriately. When you carry concealed, you need to be proficient at drawing, firing and reloading each weapon that you carry on a daily basis.

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