Should You Carry Concealed in Your Pocket?

Many gun owners enjoy the comfort and convenience of carrying a small gun in their front pocket. In fact, gun manufacturers have picked up on the growing pocket carry trend and are making a wide variety of pistols that can be carried in a pocket.

Though it sounds straightforward, pocket carry is not as simple as placing a pistol in your front pocket. There are many rules and considerations to keep in mind before you pocket carry.

1 – Power

Due to their size, most pocket pistols simply don’t have much stopping power. Before you decide to pocket carry, make sure you’re comfortable with the level of power your pistol delivers.

Consider carrying the largest caliber you can comfortably and safely carry in your pocket. If this level of firepower is not enough for you, you may need to choose a bigger firearm and holster option for your everyday CCW.

2 – Dedicated Pocket

If you decide to pocket carry, make a commitment that only your pistol and holster are allowed in that pocket. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your keys, spare change, or whatever else entering the trigger guard.

3 – Pocket Holsters

There’s no doubt about it; you should carry with a holster exactly designed for pocket carry. They have features like trigger coverage and non-slip materials that make carrying and drawing safe and secure.

Pocket holsters will also protect your pistol’s finish, keep dirt and oils off of your pants, and prevent unintentional discharges.

4 – Make Sure You’re Concealed

When you pocket carry, you need to make sure your pants are loose enough to keep your firearm concealed. Before you leave home, check to see if your gun is visible when you stand, walk or sit. If you see a print, you’ll need to consider a different carry option.

5 – Practice

It should go without saying, but you should master the art of drawing your pistol from your pocket before you pocket carry. Practice drawing your pistol from the positions you commonly use throughout the day. If you struggle to get a smooth draw even after practicing, you may need to consider a different way to carry your CCW.

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Photo credit: robertnelson via Visual Hunt / CC BY