Springfield Introduces the XD-E Pistol

There were a lot of new guns announced this past week at the NRA Show in Atlanta. We’re going to be reporting on some of these. Here’s one that was announced on Friday. A lot of people aren’t happy with Springfield Armory right now because of the deal they cut last week with the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association, so whether you buy this gun or not is up to you of course, but it’s part of our job to report on new guns and gear so here ya go! We were carefully following that whole controversy and wrote about it a couple days after it all went down. We were getting email updates by the hour at times about how they were explaining their position. Check that explanation out here: “Why Is Everyone Boycotting Springfield Armory?”

Springfield XDE pistol

Springfield Armory announced the new XD-E, part of the XD Series. The slide has been redesigned so it moves even more effortlessly. The exposed hammer makes knowing what mode the gun is in as intuitive as a glance. The single or double action trigger means you can shoot it however you want.

The XD-E is a 9mm and is 5 inches tall and 6 inches with the X-Tension, so you can use a full-length magazine in the short pistol frame. grip is 1 inch and the magazines are either 1-8 with Grip X-Tension and 1-9 with Mag X-Tension.

Polymer frame with fiber-optic front site and low-profile combat rear sight. Barrel is 3.3-inch hammer forged steel melonite. Altogether, the XD-E weights 25 ounces and is an overall length of 6.75 inches. Want to check out more about it? Visit the Springfield Armory site. It’s also got a fairly pocket-friendly price of $519.