Summer Travel Tips: Pelican 1170 Carrying Case


If you’re planning on taking a plane to travel this summer, make sure you pack your firearm in a TSA-approved manner. The Pelican 1170 Carrying Case is an excellent and affordable option to pack your pistol securely while you travel.

The Pelican 1170 case is ideal for smaller pistols. It is durable and lightweight, making it convenient to use while traveling. It is equipped with an O-ring seal that keeps the case watertight. You can buy a version with foam in the top and the bottom, designed to keep your pistol and accessories secure and protected from damage. The inside has “pluck and pull” padding that is divided into little squares, allowing you to shape the interior to accommodate your gun, ammo and accessories. You can also choose a version without foam.

The exterior dimensions are 11.64 by 8.34 by 3.78 inches. It comes with a convenient handle that makes it easy to carry. You can buy it in a variety of colors (black, silver, orange, yellow, green and tan) to distinguish your case from your family members’ cases.

It also has a location for two locks so that you can keep your pistol locked up when traveling. Its small size makes it easy to stow in a larger checked bag, preventing other travelers from being aware that you’re traveling with a firearm.

Even better, Pelican guarantees the product for a lifetime against breakage or defects.

TSA Regulations for Transporting Firearms

According to the TSA website, firearms (unloaded only) must be transported in a locked hard-sided container. They cannot be taken as carry-on luggage—they must be transported as checked baggage only. Make sure you declare your firearm and/or ammunition at the ticket counter when you check your bag.

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Image courtesy www.sulistepup.com