The Best Concealed Revolver Paddle Holster

A paddle holster is the most preferred holster by many handgun owners. It has a flat, concave shape designed to be worn against the body. Since the holster is placed inside of the pants, it is completely concealed. The function of the paddle of the holster is so that when the user draws the gun, it doesn’t get pulled up and away. This allows it to remain stationary, especially when there is a volatile situation in which the gun must be drawn quickly.

Users of a paddle holster enjoy being able to remove it quickly and easily. It doesn’t take much to remove it from the belt. It can even be removed while seated. This can be advantageous for daily handgun carriers. The paddle holster comes in different materials: plastic, nylon, and leather. Some holsters have an adjustable tension device and thumb break straps. Some of them have are adjustable in a way that allows the gun to angle the hip, making it much more comfortable while seated.

We like these two paddle holsters:
Fobus Standard RH Paddle Holster
The Fobus Standard RH Paddle Holster is one of the best out there today. It’s the most popular one for semi-auto pistols. Users love that it is virtually maintenance free. It also doesn’t sweat and you don’t have to oil it. Fobus manufactures these paddle holsters with rubber and a steel rivet attachment. It was originally made for the military, so it’s highly regarded as having a durable plastic, state of the art design. It’s lightweight at just two ounces, so it’s just a great holster to have with you all day long.

Blackhawk! SERPA Holster
The SERPA holster is secure with the auto lock button release it has on the side. The only way to release the weapon is by pressing the button the side. This can be highly beneficial if working in dangerous situations in which someone may try to take your gun from you. When placing the gun back in the holster, you will hear a click to let you know that it is secure. While this is the most secure paddle holster you can purchase, it does take some getting used to, as you have to practice removing and reinserting the gun. Once you get it, you will probably love the peace of mind it provides.

The Fobus and SERPA paddle holsters provide you two great options. The one you choose depends on the environments you’ll use it in and the style you like. Research them both, and know that whichever one you choose will be one of the best available.

Image of Blackhawk! Serpa holster courtesy of tacticalgear.com