The Crossfire EDC Holster Works With Multiple Handguns

The Crossfire EDC holster is an interesting holster because it says it is able to be worn with multiple handguns. Who wouldn’t be interested in this rather than buying a special holster for every single handgun you own and intend to carry?

An inside-the-waist-band holster, the EDC has a clip that is designed to fit over pants without need for a belt. More about that later.

The shell that holds the handgun is Kydex and is attached by rivets to memory foam. Yes, the same kind of memory foam used in beds. The purpose of the foam is for it to take on the shape of the handgun you most often carry.

The backside of the foam is covered in a breathable mesh. It looked comfortable and lived up to my expectations. Even after wearing for several hours at a time, it stayed quite comfortable. The memory foam and mesh combination is soft and easy on the skin.

The holster is advertised as fitting many sizes of semi-auto pistols, from two inches to five inches, which can be very handy if you carry different handguns at different times. The bottom of the package insert does get more specific about which guns it is designed for. I tried several different guns in the holster, and true to it’s word it did hold them all. Some of the handguns were a little loose which concerned me at first. However, the looseness only allowed them to cant slightly and they were not loose enough to come out.

The handgun that I tried that fit the most snug was the Smith & Wesson M&P9c, while the gun that felt the loosest was the Glock 42. If you hold the holster upside down and shake it, the M&P9c wouldn’t fall out but the Glock 42 did. However, most people aren’t standing upside down and shaking! And even if they were, the compression of the holster against the body should keep the Glock 42 secure.

So now to more about the design to attach to pants without a belt and hold securely. While that was true with most of the handguns I tried, the one that didn’t work well was the M&P9c. Because it is a wider handgun, it fit snug enough in the holster that when I just had it clipped to my pants without a belt and then drew it, it pulled out the holster with the gun still in it. However, it worked quite well when wearing a belt, leaving the holster attached to the belt as I drew.

Overall the EDC by Crossfire is a very comfortable IWB holster. The only caution would be to practice drawing your handgun if you plan to wear it without a belt, to make sure you don’t also pull the holster out like I did with the M&P9c. Otherwise, it really does work quite well with a variety of handguns. The EDC by Crossfire sells for $44.95.

The Crossfire EDC Holster Works With Multiple Handguns