The Five Everyday Carry Items You Should Never Leave at Home


Your everyday carry is a statement about who you are and what you stand for. Your concealed handgun is for the ultimate threat to your life, but other items are just as necessary.

1) Tactical Flashlight
A tactical light is an essential EDC item for its versatility. Get one with plenty of lumens to light up any situation where visibility is limited.

A light with a beveled edge also makes a perfect weapon for close combat. Keep a light at home and in the car so you can find it quickly when the need arises. Use it to signal for help, inspect damage on your car, or light up a deserted parking lot.

2) Folding Pocket Knife
A small pocket knife that fits easily in a pocket or bag can be a perfect back-up in times of trouble. It doesn’t need ammunition and might be all you need to deter an attacker.

Choose a pocket knife that’s large enough to do damage but small enough to be comfortable. Knives can serve a variety of purposes, but a self-defense knife should be on hand just for that purpose.

3) Multi-Tool
Keeping a multi-tool in your bag or vehicle can really pay off in circumstances from dire to cosmetic. The purpose of EDC items is really to be prepared for whatever the day throws at you.

Choose a multi-tool that gives you what you need in a package small enough that it won’t deter you from carrying it everyday. Keep in mind that even a small pair of scissors or tiny screwdriver in a desperate situation is better than none.

4) A Watch
Remember these? Cell phones have all but decimated the watch, but it’s still an essential item for your everyday carry. A watch works when your cell phone dies or is lost. It can serve you with additional features like a compass or timer.

In first aid situations, a watch is a powerful tool that can help you or an emergency responder save a life. Pulling a cell phone out to check the time can alert a thief to what you have, while casually checking a watch won’t draw attention to you.

5) Your Concealed Carry Handgun
It goes without saying that you should be armed for self-defense. The other items in your everyday carry can help you out in plenty of situations, but a threat to your life needs fast, effective power.

Carry your CCW every single day. Carry the best handgun for your lifestyle. You’re most effective when you practice regularly.

The items you carry every day are a message to others that you stay prepared. It makes a statement that you not only care about appearances, but that you are not afraid to take your safety into your own hands.