The UpLULA Makes Loading a Magazine Enjoyable


Whether you are shooting in a competition or just target shooting, one thing you want to be able
to do comfortably is load your magazines. It can take a bit of strength to load a magazine for a
.45, a .40 or even a 9mm. And sometimes not all of us have that kind of strength in our fingers.
Or maybe we have arthritis or another physical problem that makes loading painful.

Luckily for us Maglula has brought us the UpLULA, a simple device that helps load and unload
quickly and painlessly. Maglula is a line of magazine loaders, and as a matter of fact that’s where
the name came from: “MAGazine Loaders and Unloaders Accessories.”

Maglula has several different types of loaders, and the UpLULA is the loader for pistol
magazines. It can work on most 9mm up to 45ACP as well as most .380s and 1911s. I have
used it on a variety of pistols and it works flawlessly on all that I have tried, both single and

You place the UpLULA over the magazine and squeeze while pushing down. You’ll see a plastic
piece that goes in and pushes down the spring of the magazine. Then simply place in a
cartridge. Let go, squeeze again, and this time the piece will push down on the cartridge you
just placed in there, now allowing you to load another cartridge. That’s it. Very simple.

The unloading part is even more simple. It is just a notch on the back side of the UpLULA with a
small protruding plastic piece. You just place it over the cartridge in the magazine and push it out
with the lifted piece. Basically, it replaces using your thumb to push the cartridge out.

The UpLULA is a pretty simple device and may not seem like much, but it can save you a lot of
time – and pain – when loading multiple magazines quickly. I simply would not be able to load my
magazines without it because I don’t have the finger strength to load them by hand. Thank
goodness I was able to try one when I first looked into competing or I wouldn’t have participated
because I couldn’t load magazines by myself without it.

Another fun part about the UpLULA is that it comes in several different colors. My first one was
basic black. That’s what was on the shelf and was fine with me. But then I won a fun purple one
at a match, and it went right in my range bag.

It may seem like spending $25+ dollars for what seems like a simple piece of plastic is a lot of
money, but it is a small price to pay to speed up your magazine loading – and to save your



Photos by David Keaton