The 5 Habits of Concealed Carry You Can’t Afford to Ignore

If you’re serious about concealed carry for protection, you make a habit out of solid technique. If you forget to do one of these things and you don’t feel right, you know it’s a habit.

When you meet a gun owner who has all the bases covered and is fully confident in their abilities, it’s impressive. They have worked hard to get to that place, and they’re invested in making sure safety and security are their top priorities.

Here are 5 habits that people who are dedicated to concealed carry have made a part of their routine.

Follow current events and laws.
Responsible concealed carry is a full-time job. Stay informed about current events and changes to gun laws in your state.  If you’re sure of how to transport firearms and judicious ways to defend yourself, you don’t have to worry about what to do when there’s a threat.

Start each day by reading up on current handgun and concealed carry news. Subscribe to a email newsletter and follow websites that you can trust to give you clear information.

Remember that it’s your responsibility to contact your state lawmakers if you feel that they are supporting laws that infringe on your gun rights.


Plan ahead for situations and people.
When you’re holstering your gun in the morning, take a minute to consider where you’ll be and who you’ll see over the course of the day.

There are more factors than you think. The weather or your work uniform can drastically change your ability to carry if you haven’t prepared. Think ahead about the crowds and other people you’ll be encountering, too.

Be ready to remove your firearm if you’ll be entering a building where you aren’t permitted to carry. If you’re driving in a place where the traffic laws your chances of being pulled over increase.

Have a plan for what to do when you interact with law enforcement. Crowds and new people can present threats that you must prepare for.


Scan your environment for escape routes or protection.
Always be prepared for an active shooter scenario or other possible threat to your life. Take a minute to find the nearest exit when you enter a crowded place or event. What threats present themselves?

When you’re armed for self-defense you should always know where you are and how to react if things turn violent.

Look for any possible barriers to your path and plan how you’ll navigate them. Mentally take note of how you’ll defend yourself when a person intends to harm you. Maintain your situation awareness and avoid hallways or streets where low light will limit your abilities. Think about the people you’ll be with during the day. You might need to protect them and get them to safety.


Keep your concealed handgun in the same location every time.
Locating and drawing your concealed handgun should be more than a habit, it should be movement as natural as breathing. If you constantly change your method of carry you don’t ever give your mind a chance to develop accurate recall.

You can’t afford to be confused when seconds count.

The key to this habit is taking the time to make sure you’re wearing the correct holster and handgun. Some experimenting to find a comfortable holster location is fine when you first start carrying concealed, but don’t make a habit of it. Make holstering and wearing your gun a part of your dressing routine every morning.


Practice regularly and learn new techniques.
There is simply no substitute for regular practice. Is it always convenient to get out to the firing range every week? No. But even a few weeks without practice can slow down your skills and cause you to lose what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Join a gun club or choose a certain time each month to meet up with friends at the range. Try out new techniques to keep practice fresh. Create some challenges between friends and keep stats each week.

Making practice a fun and social event will have you looking forward to it.

Make these 5 habits part of your daily routine and you’ll be better prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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