Three Reasons to Carry a Tactical Flashlight


You can make a concealed handgun into an even more effective self-defense tool by pairing it with a tactical flashlight. This isn’t just your usual plastic flashlight, though. Tactical flashlights are built for military and law enforcement use. They’re tough enough to handle combat situations and all kinds of emergencies. Research has shown that most armed attacks occur in low light, so keeping  a flashlight on you is a great self-defense tactic.

A flashlight can be an effective deterrent to an attacker. It takes away darkness, which an attacker might try to use for an advantage. Use your tactical flashlight before an attack occurs by keeping one on you for those times when you find yourself in a low light environment. If you use it to illuminate any dark areas around corners or under cars as you’re walking you take away the element of surprise.

Don’t keep your light on the entire time, as an attacker may aim the attack at the light. Using the light to briefly scan the area and then turning it off to move along not only keeps an attacker confused but also allows your eyes to stay adapted to the darkness.

After drawing your handgun, you want to be 100% sure of what you’re firing at and why. Don’t pull the trigger if you’re unsure of where your target is or your immediate surroundings. Holding your flashlight below your gun can illuminate your target but not your gun sights. Use your non-dominant had to hold the light beside your head or at your chest and extend your gun with your other hand, keeping both your target and sights in the light.

If you’re unarmed and attacked while carrying a tactical flashlight, train the beam at the attacker’s eyes. If it’s bright enough it will be enough to temporarily blind them and disorient them. Use a flashlight that has at least 120 lumens (you can easily find some with 500 or more) for maximum brightness. With the light trained on the attacker’s eyes, use kicks to the legs and groin to defend yourself and disable the attacker.

Tactical flashlights are rugged enough to be used as an improvised weapon as well. Their sturdy construction can withstand being smacked against the head and fingers of anyone trying to do you harm. Use one that is lightweight and easy to grip in high stress situations. Look for a light with a bezel option to add additional striking power.

Tactical flashlights are inexpensive and simple to use. They are useful for self-defense and for other emergencies like power outages. If you’re carrying concealed, keeping a flashlight with you will improve your aim in low light conditions and discourage would-be threats.