Three Tips for In-Home Firearm Placement


A firearm is essential for home defense, but where do you keep it? If you have a concealed carry permit, which you should, your concealed handgun is probably on you no matter where you are.

But home is where we relax, so you need to evaluate the placement of your self-defense firearm when you’re at home. For the safety of yourself and anyone else at home, you can’t just put a firearm anywhere.

1. Know Your Visitors
When you’re thinking about where to keep your primary self-defense weapon while at home, remember to think about who regularly visits your house. Some homes have a steady stream of visitors and friends, while others tend to stay more quiet.

Select the few who know the location of your gun with extreme care. Even if they aren’t motivated by violent intentions, they might be desperate for money and knowing where to find a handgun could be all they need.

2. If it’s There, Kids Will Find It
Kids have a knack for exploring even the most off-limits area of the home. Their brains are curious and they often don’t understand the consequences of their actions.

It’s crucial that you store your self-defense weapon in a place where a child cannot access it. Educating children about firearms and the respect they deserve can go a long way to protecting them.

3. Accessibility is Everything
Hiding firearms in different places around the house could lead to problems. If you’re involved in a self-defense incident you’ll need to access your firearm without time to think.

It’s also impossible to predict just what will happen or how a violent threat will act when in your home. In the confusion you may not remember the location or the attacker may find it before you.

Whether you’re at home or out in public, only you should have access to your firearm. All day, every day your concealed firearm should be totally under your control.