The Tropiformer Jacket from ScottEVest is Your Everyday Carry Solution

Staying prepared for any situation takes organization, knowledge, and daily practice. If you’re passionate about your everyday carry items you keep them in good working order and know how to use them when the time comes.

Holstering your CCW is part of your morning routine, but these days there are more items to carry around than ever. A phone is a necessity, not to mention keys, flashlight, and pocket knife. We found the jacket that rises up and meets your high everyday carry expectations.

Get to Know the Key Features

  • The biggest feature of the Tropiformer Jacket? Definitley the 22 pockets. That’s right, 22. They’re all secure and easy to access too. Quickly get to everything from a water bottle and passport, to your smartphone and tablet.
  • Transformer sleeves are attached magnetically to be removed easily, turning the Tropiformer into a light vest in the blink of an eye. They stow away easily and you’re ready for whatever mother nature can dish out.
  • The lightweight fabric is breathable, making daily commutes, airport dashes, and long bus rides breezy and comfortable. It’s machine washable and water repellant too, which makes it perfect for day hikes, business lunches, and overseas travel.

What are Your Concealed Carry Options

  • If you already regularly carry concealed with a waistband holster on your hip or appendix, this jacket will fit well. It’s loose enough to adequately cover a midsize holster rig without appearing bulky or in the “shoot me first” style.
  • The lightweight fabric probably isn’t suitable for concealed carry of anything above a pocket pistol .380 size handgun. To pocket carry in a jacket you’ll need material much sturdier than the Tropiformer can give you.
  • The zippers, magnets, and sheer number of pockets don’t provide much security for trigger protection or quick access.
  • Your concealed carry accessories, however, would have a nice home in the Tropiformer. Spare magazines, flashlights, and tactical knives fit comfortably.

An Everyday Carry Champion

  • The patented system for wire management really shows it’s stuff. No more cords from your headphones getting in the way with this jacket. Hidden conduits and specially designed pockets keep phones and mp3 players in line and out of the way.
  • The ability to access your smartphone screen right through the pocket is a pretty eye-catching feature. Thankfully ScottEVest realized that technology is now a permanent part of our daily lives, and gave us the ability to dial and read messages without exposing the phone to the elements.

Overall Opinions

With a jacket as light and comfrotable as this one, travel and work trips will be a breeze. Gone are the days of sifting through your bag or briefcase trying to find what you need in a hurry.

Anyone passionate about their everyday carry items will take to this jacket quickly. 22 pockets make it perfect for hiding away things you don’t want to show, like money or a passport, easy.

If you want to get this jacket for yourself or someone else, you should. Click here to find the Tropiformer jacket and many other amazing pocket-filled items on ScottEVest.com.

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