Two Tips for Confident Pocket Carry


For some situations and lifestyles, pocket carry is a perfect option for armed self-defense.

Practice these tips and you may find that pocket carry is right for you.

Use the Correct Holster
Pocket carry without a holster can cause a host of problems. The correct pocket holster keeps debris and other objects from accidentally engaging the trigger or damaging the frame.

A holster will also keep the gun upright and in position for a fast draw. It will also stay in the pocket during your draw, not stay attached to the firearm.

The correct holster will break up the outline of the handgun, increasing concealment and probably your comfort too.

Drawing Fast and Fluid
One advantage of pocket carry is the casual way you can access your firearm. Slowly taking your grip in preparation to draw avoids drawing attention to yourself, should that be required in your situation.

Many find that side pockets allow for the best pocket carry drawing. Flatten your hand and place your index finger along the frame, not on the trigger.

Pull the gun straight up and out before bringing the sights to your target. Place your finger on the trigger only when you’re clear of your pocket and you’re sure that the target must be destroyed.

Other Things to Keep in Mind
While firing through your pocket is certainly possible in an emergency, it shouldn’t be done unless the situation is dire. This strategy would work best through an outer garments like a coat.

Always keep your pocket carry on your person. The smaller size of gun and compact nature of the holster can make it susceptible to leaving behind or moving around.