What Every New Gun Owner Should Know

We’ve talked a lot in the past about what we believe every new gun owner should do. Our post Concealed Carry For Beginners has some great tips for people just entering the word of concealed carry. That article has tips on things like how important it is to know your state’s laws and not cheaping out on a holster. But there’s one thing that post doesn’t mention.

When you’re at the gun range practicing your accuracy (you’re doing this, right?) ear protection and eye protection is way more important than what you’ve probably led yourself to believe. Everyone wants to hear the sound of a gun going off the first time. It’s even more exciting when it’s your first gun or a new gun. But after that, use the ear protection. Your hearing will not come back once it’s gone and guns can be LOUD. Damage your eyes, and your shooting days could be over.

The other thing is, whether you’ve bought your first gun or not, shoot as many different types of guns as you can. This gives you a general appreciation and knowledge of many different types of guns. It’s also helpful if you are EVER in an attacker situation where you may have the chance to get someone else’s gun away from them. Do you want to be fumbling over a gun you don’t know how to use? Secondly, you might find that there’s a gun out there that you like even better than the one you bought.

If you’re a new gun owner, your goal is to handle your gun enough that you become competent with it with as little active thought as possible. This is not to say that you “aren’t aware” of what you are doing with your gun. On the contrary, it comes from knowing the gun well enough that you can load it, aim, shoot, reload and clean just as naturally and easily as when you are tying your shoes.

Find a mentor if you can. There are a lot of veterans in communities all over who have knowledge to share and would be willing to share it. Ask around of friends and friends of friends. Going to the range with someone who knows what they’re doing and has taken you under their wing can make it a whole new and more fun experience.

Never stop learning. Yes, you’ve taken your classes that you were required to take to get the permit. But don’t stop there! This website and many others are filled with reasons why you should keep learning and keep your accuracy high.