What Items Does a New Gun Owner Need?

You bought your first firearm, but what else is there? Buying your first gun was a purchase you probably put a lot of thought into. By itself, a gun is a serious purchase, but it’s not quite all you need.

From cleaning and maintenance supplies to carrying cases, there are a number of other products to make your new journey as a gun owner both more enjoyable and easier to manage. Some are optional, some are important necessities. Read on for the accessories and gear to enhance your experience as a new gun owner.

Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

1. Clean-Protect-Lube regimen

Ask some experienced gun owners what kind of cleaning regimen they have, because everyone’s is different. Cleaning is essential, but how you go about it and what products you use can vary. You can use petroleum-based or nonpetroleum-based products.

You’ll need a product to clean, a product to lubricate and a product to protect. Some multi-use products will clean, lube and protect in one product. These are often referred to as CLP products. You may have to try a few different brands to find the style you prefer.

2. Examination gloves

Some of the gun cleaning chemicals can be a bit harsh and smelly, particularly if you choose to use petroleum-based products. Keep a box nearby to protect your hands.

3. Compressed air

A can of compressed air is nice to have handy, as it dries parts quickly and easily if you ever use any water-based product. Just as these cans are great for blowing dust and debris out of your computer keyboards or phone jacks, they work great for clearing out anything from your gun.

4. TekMat

If your first gun is a handgun, a TekMat is a placemat sort of thing with an exploded view of your gun model along with a parts list. It will help you to be sure that you’ve placed everything back into your weapon correctly after cleaning as well as help you learn the parts in general.

Shooting and Target Practice Supplies

5. Extra ammunition

No gun owner can ever have enough. ‘Nuff said.

6. Eye and ear protection

Some ranges have gear like this for you to use, but it’s nice to have your own that fits you properly and matches your style. Some eye gear is military grade, some blocks UV rays and some can come with interchangeable lenses for indoor/.outdoor and other conditions. The quality of eye and ear protection varies greatly, so try out a few different items before making your decision. Have ear plugs at a minimum, but eventually you may want to upgrade to nice ear muffs.

7. Snap Caps

Use snap caps when dry firing to reduce damage. They help absorb the force from the firing pin, allowing you to test the firearm without causing damage. These can be used in training to replace live rounds.

8. Range bag

Keep all this cool gear in a range bag that organizes and stores, so you never need to wonder if you have everything.

9. Gun Storage 

Keep your gun and ammunition secure when it’s not under your direct control by keeping it in a safe or vault,

Shooting Accessories

10. Mounted light

For sportsmanship or home defense, a mounted light is a useful accessory.

11. Night sight

You might not always shoot under bright sunny skies. For a defensive pistol, being able to see at night is a useful ability.

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