What Licensed Gun Owners Need to Know about Moving


If you’re moving to a new state this summer, you probably have a lot of questions about how to do so while carrying concealed. Because gun laws vary significantly from state to state, it is important to do some research before you start packing.

  1. Know the Gun Laws of the State Where You’re Moving

Before you make the move, it is vital that you know and understand the laws of the state to which you’re moving. Some states offer reciprocity with other states, meaning you may legally be allowed to carry concealed in your new state—at least for a time. Even if your new state recognizes your CCW permit, you will probably be required to get a resident permit. Our post “What is Concealed Carry Reciprocity?” has more info about this topic.

  1. Traveling With Your CCW

In addition to knowing the concealed carry laws in your future home state, you’ll need to be aware of gun laws that apply while you’re in the process of moving to your new home. If you’re driving, that means you need to know the laws of each state you’ll be passing through. This step is especially critical if you will be spending the night, taking time to visit family or sight-see in a state with strict gun laws.

If you’re just passing through, federal law allows you to carry a firearm in your vehicle so long as it’s unloaded, locked away and inaccessible. Going on a road trip? Our post “Summer travel With Firearms” has more info on things to be aware of,

If you’re getting to your new location via plane or train, you’ll need to read up on the rules and regulations regarding the transport of firearms. Typically, you’ll be required to check your unloaded firearm in a hard-sided, locked container. You must declare your firearm prior to checking it.

  1. Get a Concealed Carry Permit in Your New State

Even if your new state offers reciprocity with your old state, you’ll likely be required to get a resident permit. Research the laws of your new state to find out how much time you have before your old CCW permit won’t be recognized. You should know this information before you move and plan accordingly. Once you get licensed in your new state, you can carry confidently and legally.