What to do if You’re Caught in an Armed Robbery

How many stores and businesses do you enter during the week? Because it’s such a regular part of life, it could be tough to count or even remember.

Here are some suggestions for how to react if you’re ever caught in the middle of an armed robbery while in a store.

1) Take cover
Don’t resist when a robbery occurs. Move to a place where you are protected but still have a view of the threat. The longer you delay a robbery, the more you increase the chance for violence.

2)Be sure of your target
Armed robberies usually happen quickly with no warning. Thieves in plain clothes acting as inconspicuous as possible look very much like any other customer in the store. Be sure of how many threats there are and their location.

3) Know what’s behind and near your target
If you find yourself with the opportunity to fire and end the violent threat, do so only when innocent customers are not in danger and you can take a clear shot.

4) Fire only when your life, or the life of another person, is in immediate danger.
The cash or electronics in a store are none of your concern. You must be ready to observe the situation and quickly evaluate the threat. Keep in mind that you are not helpless. You can observe the person, what they touch, and their vehicle and that information and that can also help in the end.

5) Shoot to end the threat as quickly as possible.
If there is a violent threat, eliminate it as quickly as possible. Aiming for the head or trying to injure only increases the odds of shots hitting innocent people or an injury that allows the gunman to keep firing. Shoot until there is no threat present.

6) Respect and work with arriving law enforcement.
Stay in the store until law enforcement arrives. Place your gun on the floor, cooperate, and be respectful. These officers only want to be sure that everyone is safe, and they have no knowledge about you or the incident other than being called to respond.

If you’ve chosen to carry a firearm for protection, it’s best o first talk with an attorney about how to handle these potential circumstances, then work with a certified firearms instructor to learn how to use your handgun effectively.


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