What You Should Know About Concealed Carry Insurance


If you’re carrying, you need to be informed about insurance. Concealed carry insurance offers some protection in case you have to use your weapon, but the level of protection provided varies depending on the plan.

What is Concealed Carry Insurance?

Concealed carry insurance offers protection against criminal and/or civil liability if you discharge your firearm. It is similar to car insurance in that you can call the insurance company after you fire your weapon and start the claims process.

If you fire your weapon, your first call should be to the authorities. Once the authorities have been notified, you should call the insurance company to start the claims process.

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What are some other options for insurance?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may already provide some coverage. Check out the “wrongful acts” clause in your homeowner’s policy and review the terms for self-defense, reasonable force and intentional acts. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will only cover events that occur at the home, so if you carry concealed, you may want to consider additional coverage.

Do your research before selecting a concealed carry insurance plan. Pay attention to the specific coverage provided for self-defense shootings, use of deadly force, negligent discharge and personal firearm use.

Why should I consider Concealed Carry Insurance?

The insurance plan should offer coverage for civil court costs, criminal court costs and attorneys’ fees. Defending yourself in court can get really expensive, so having concealed carry insurance can really be worth it.

The likelihood that you’ll actually need concealed carry insurance is very small, but if you ever have to fire your gun, you’ll probably be glad you have coverage.

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