What You Should Know About Custom Decorated Guns and Concealed Carry

If you’ve been to any gun show recently, you’ll notice a big increase in the availability of firearms decorated with all kinds of paint jobs.

Two of the most popular designs have been bright pink and purple pistols and elaborate zombie and skull patterns.

It’s no secret that guns aren’t just for guys. More and more women are armed and trained to carry for self-defense. 

Custom paint jobs to attract female shoppers range from full pink and purple paint to dizzying swirls that decorate the muzzle and magazine. Search “pink guns” online and thousands of images demonstrate the popularity of the style.

Seemingly cashing in on the modern obsession with the TV show The Walking Dead, many manufacturers and custom artists are detailing firearms with stacks of skulls, grim reapers, and hungry zombies with falling flesh.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with attracting new groups of potential consumers with eye-catching designs, gun owners carrying concealed should be aware of some issues with these painted options.

“Concealed means concealed” is a rule you’ll frequently hear, and it’s a good one to remember. Carrying one of these designer pieces could tempt you to show it off, and displaying your concealed handgun in public is dangerous and violates some state laws.

Not to mention, you’d be paying extra for something that should never be seen in the first place.

The second issue with these custom paint jobs is the toy-like qualities these guns now have. Bright colors and zombie images are enticing to children and they might not know the difference between the toys they see in the store aisle and a firearm they see on a bed side table.

For collectors and firearms enthusiasts, these custom painted firearms can be a great purchase. The ability to show creativity and a unique piece can be fun and exciting.

Custom paint jobs do nothing for improving accuracy or deterring threats to life. Swirly turquoise flowers or grinning skull clowns are fun to show off to friends, but always do so in a safe place with a fully cleared firearm.

Photo credit: zombieite via Visualhunt / CC BY


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