When Seconds Count, the Dayton Police Are Only an Hour (and Two Phone Calls) Away

So the Dayton police dropped the ball. A 911 caller clearly stated her situation – a home break in – and waited for the promised police response. Nada. An hour later she called to inform the police that she’d dealt with situation herself – as she had in a previous home invasion. This time, the burglar left the premises with an extra orifice or two and soon assumed ambient temperature. Result. Still, the paperwork! And the possibility of revenge from the dead assailant’s homies. It would have been SO much better for the beleaguered citizen if the po-po had made the collar or perforated the perp. Oh well. Once again . . .

we can see that self-defense is something you have to do yourself – until and unless you don’t. While the anti-gunners would disarm Americans for their own good – what if the burglar had used her own gun against her! – tens of millions ain’t got time for that. Literally.