Which Caliber Firearm Is Right for First-Time Concealed Carry?

When you’re selecting a concealed carry weapon, how do you figure out which caliber handgun is right for you? The answer, of course, depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, you need to select a firearm that you can use confidently and safely. Plus, any caliber of gun is better than nothing if you’re confronted by an attacker.

Consider Your Personal Traits

When selecting a caliber, consider your size, strength and your level of experience. Select a firearm that you can grip comfortably and handle confidently. If you aren’t able to handle the recoil of a high caliber gun, your accuracy will suffer. If possible, practice shooting with several different types of guns to see how they handle.

How Important Is Stopping Power?

Stopping power is not the only consideration when determining which caliber is best for self-defense. Although some might say stopping power is important, any caliber can be effective if you’re able to hit your target. Smaller caliber guns have less ability to penetrate possessed by  higher caliber weapons, but they are typically lighter and easier to carry.

Higher caliber guns usually weigh more and are less comfortable to carry on a daily basis. If you’re uncomfortable carrying a gun, you’re more likely to leave it at home. A gun that’s locked away won’t do you any good if your life is in danger.

Keep Training

No matter what caliber gun you carry, your chances of defending yourself in an attack will be greatly increased by your quick thinking and accuracy when you fire a shot.

Don’t let yourself be unprepared in the event of an attack. Responsible gun owners understand that there is always a need to keep training.

Thankfully, gun training does not have to be expensive. American Concealed offers a helpful training DVD that can be used to practice your skills at home. If you don’t yet have your concealed carry permit, take a look at our online training course to get started.


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