Who Has the Most Concealed Carry Permits?

More people than ever before are carrying concealed weapons. In 2016, 15 million people were carrying concealed guns, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. This is a 215% increase since 2007.

Who has the most concealed carry permits? The number of women and minorities have increased twice as fast as that of men who have applied for permits. Actually, research shows that minorities are seeking permits for concealed carry at a rate of 75% more.

One of the reasons for the increase in concealed carry is that many states have decided to have “permitless” concealed carry. These laws most recently passed for Missouri, West Virginia
Mississippi and Idaho. Permitless states make it easier to carry concealed, which is why people are going out and buying them. Of course, it’s also because of the increase in mass shootings over the last few years.

People feel safer if they are carrying. They feel as though they can protect themselves and the people around them if someone were to start a violent act of any kind with any weapon.
Many states continue to have restrictions on where to carry concealed, which is why it is always important to check with the state to ensure you are not bring a firearm into an establishment that prohibits concealed carry.

When looking at the United States population, more than 6 percent of adults carry a concealed weapon. While this percentage may seem low, it’s more than you would think when considering the entire United States population and the states that allow concealed carry.

Many people correlate concealed carry with gun violence. The more states allow people to carry, the more gun violence there will be – research reveals otherwise. The Crime Prevention Research Center find that permit holders are more law-abiding than the general population. Other research shows that last year, more people were murdered by fists and kicks than with guns. Actually, gun crimes are at the lowest compared to 20 years ago.

With these statistics, it’s hoped that legislation will continue to loosen the reigns on concealed carry in many states and establishments. Many states still do not allow concealed carry, and some states that do, restrict carry in many places. With more research on the rate of permit holders and the chance of gun violence for them, law makers will begin to understand that concealed carry doesn’t give people the right to commit crimes; it gives them the right to protect themselves.

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