Why Comparing Shooting Deaths to Car Deaths Doesn’t Work

One of the arguments that is commonly made is that guns kill people the same way that cars kill people…we have seat belts and safety rules in place for cars to make them safer, so we need to regulate guns the same way. That’s a false argument.

In that argument, would you blame the car for a drunken-driving accident? Clearly not. The person at the wheel who chose to drive drunk is the person to blame. Chose. To. Drive. Drunk. They chose it. The car had nothing to do with it.

In a shooting incident, would you blame the gun? People do, but it doesn’t make sense. The person who went on a shooting rampage chose it. They chose to use the guns that way. We want everyone to get the health care and mental health care that they need so that they don’t do those things. But you can’t blame the guns. It’s ridiculous. Either a gun, a car, or a swimming pool can kill or injure someone. It doesn’t mean we should ban each of those things.

My friends and myself who have guns have never harmed more than a paper target. Having an arsenal at home doesn’t make you any more likely to want to go out and harm someone than if you only had access to a fork.