Wisconsin Considers Bill to Allow Stun Guns Along With Concealed Carry

Currently, Wisconsin law allows people to carry stun guns on their property only, but in order to carry a stun gun anywhere else, the carrier must have a concealed carry permit.

The stun gun law in Wisconsin is almost always over-shadowed by the concealed carry permit requirements. But back in 2011, Wisconsin passed a law that puts stun guns and other weapons under the same requirements as concealed firearms.

Previously to this law, in Wisconsin it was a felony for anyone other than law enforcement officers and military and a few exceptions to possess a stun gun of any type. If people want to carry a concealed weapon, they must get a permit and complete state-sanctioned training. Now, in Madison, lawmakers are considering a bill that would remove the concealed carry licensing requirement, so that people can carry a concealed firearm without a permit. It is a bit surprising that Wisconsin, a state where their weapons controls are so stiff that they lump non-lethal weapons like stun guns into the same category as lethal weapons, would then consider a bill to just remove the licensing permit all together.

LRB 2039 is known as the “Right to Carry Bill”. (LRB means Legislative Reference Bureau.)

This so-called “Wisconsin Right to Carry bill” is backed by two Republicans and its future is uncertain because it has drawn opposition from both sides. Republican Rep. Mary Felzkowski of Irma and Sen. Dave Craig, a Republican from Big Bend, are looking for sponsors of their bill. In addition to legalizing the carrying of stun guns, the bill would also allow people to carry their guns (firearms) into places where it is currently not allowed, such as schools. More than 300,000 people have concealed carry licenses in Wisconsin. We’ll keep you posted as this bill progresses.